Monday, May 21, 2012

Garden Party Baby Shower

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  1. It's beautiful!! So glad we made it inside before it started to rain :)

  2. Hi Viktoria,
    What a beautiful display of food. Would it please be possible to have the recipe for the oreshki, as I just bought a machine to make it. Secondly, how did you pipe the icing on the cupcakes in the image below the oreshki?
    Thanks again

    1. Hello and thank you for leaving a comment! To answer your questions: those cupcakes were purchased so I'm not sure how they made the icing. And regarding the oreshki recipe, we will soon be selling the cookies on Etsy so I hope you understand why I cannot give it to you! :( It has been tweaked and perfected by my sister.

      But I did find these links on Google for some recipes- I hope one works out for you!