Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Detachable Leather Bow Belt Tutorial

Hi! I am so happy to be writing- you have no idea! Its been almost a month since I last posted! That thought makes me cringe and feel anxiety so lets not mention it again? :)

It must be the time change and how fast it gets dark! The shorter day makes me feel like I have less time in the day and that leads to feeling like the day slipped from my fingers again. I hope you are not experiencing this as well. If you are, I'd feel better. ;)

Have you noticed all the bows around lately? I actually think the bow never went away. It's the touch of girlishness to a classic outfit and the mixing hard with soft that never goes out of style. I contemplated purchasing one (more like wishing for this one!) but I could never justify purchasing a belt. Even in the discounted stores like Marshalls, I would rather buy a new top instead. Are you like that too?

Anyways, it's been some time that an idea has been floating in my head and I finally got to complete it. I've gotta say- I'm pleased! This is probably one of my cheapest projects to date! I expect looks of complete confusion while reading this post and even hear you repeatedly say "She cannot be serious". But I believe that, except for the ones that read this post, no one will ever know how cheap it really is. ;)

What you need:
Two belts, same color (I used one that was brown but black on the other side. (Check out a thrift store! Our Goodwill sells belts for around $1.00 and our local thrift store has them at $0.50!)
Paper Clip (Big) 
Leather Hole Punch or Jewelry Hole Punch (or some sort of skinny sharp tool to pierce a hole)

(I didn't get the tool for leather but a cheaper one. Either way, if you grab one at Michael's, make sure to use your Smartphone coupon 50% off one regular priced item! Turns out not so bad. I also found this one at a good price if you like shopping online. I've got more belt remakes ahead!)

1. On the belt that will become the bow, cut off the buckle and the other end right after the last hole. (the hoarder in me will keep this buckle with no earthly clue what to do with it!)
2. Play with it- decide how big you want the bow to be and how long the tails. Cut accordingly.
 3. When you've found the perfect shape, make a hole through all three layers. (you might have to do each layer separately depending on which tool you are using)

4. Unbend the paperclip and put it in the hole to secure it. Bend it around and bang on it with a hammer to make it tight and to securely hold the bends in place. This can (of course) be done using rivets and eyelettes and look very professional! I purchased the wrong size and this is my "make it work" moment! It worked :) Worry not- this will not be seen.
5. Cut a piece from your scrapped leather that will fit around the bow and have extra in the back to overlap a little. 

6. Staple the flaps together (in the back) on two sides, making sure to leave it unattached to the bow so you can slide your other belt through. This could possibly done with leather glue as well?

7. It's done!! Slip onto your belt after you've thread it through the first part of the buckle. (See pictures below)

I'm sure this will work with a couple of different types of belt buckles. The bow should be able to hide a smaller buckle. It's also removable so no need to let go of your favorite belt for this reason! This would look gorgeous in a tan leather color. I was searching but couldn't find two browns that were identical in the thrift store! I gave up and did a black version. I hope to make another one soon! The options are kinda endless!

Tip: buy the two belts at the same time or bring your existing belt that you want to use with you. That is the best way to assure you have a match! Otherwise you will end up with a bag full of belts.. like me. :) If that happens anyway than check back soon. I have more ideas of what to do with them!!

P.S. Just to brag a little about our thrift store- I had about three belts that I was unsure of because of the color and I decided last minute to put them back. She gave me all of them for the price of one. So, to sum up: three belts for $0.50. This project came to about $1.33. :) I wish the same success on you.

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know if your going to try this!


  1. LOVE this!!!!!! You make it look so so easy!!!

    1. because it is! Really :) Even you could do it! ;)