Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Skinny (or Refashion) Your Man's Pants!

In my case, it's my little boy's pants!

I am blessed to have clothes for my children that are hand-me-downs. That means I can buy a few special things I love or deals that are too good to pass, but the bulk of it is already given to me. Because of this, everything I get is not 100% my style (or what I would buy). Do you know what I mean?  Although I am not one of those moms that NEEDS to have the most trendy cool clothes for my kids (especially for hanging around the house!), but because I love fashion, its inevitable that it'll seep into their wardrobes too!

These pants were by no means hideous. They were fine. But my boy is tall and skinny and they make him look frumpy. He looks great in skinnier or straight leg pants. So I thought, why don't I just skinny-fy his pants like I do mine? This works for your man too!

(Some guys are scared to try the straighter leg pants because they think it's too tight. This is the perfect way for them to try without the price tag! Plus you can adjust how tight you want them! Personally, I love the straight leg on my husband. It slims and looks great. I am not joking- try it)

First, find a pair of pants you like the fit of. 

Turn the pants you want to remake inside out.

Line up the crotch area to the other pants. (These camo pants are on elastic instead of zipper so the crotch was lower) I didn't want to mess with resewing it higher because I'm not good at that! So I lined it up and went from there. 

Mark and pin down the leg using the other pants as a guideline:

(Make sure the inside seam is flat.. Don't worry about the outer side. It may seem to be off but it works out)

Sew down the line. At this point, I tried it on my little man and readjusted where I thought needed to be more tighter, etc. If you like it, reinforce the new sew with a zig-zag (or serge off) and repeat on other leg. (my original skinny pants tutorial is here!)

Trim off excess and ready to wear!

 Silly silly boy :)

They turned out a little less fitted than I wanted and a lot like parachute pants instead (because of the elastic waist and lower crotch) so I don't recommend using pants with elastic! I might try to resew them but for now, I'm semi-satisfied. They are still an improvement in my eyes. :) 

I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed Easter! It is such a joyful and humbling holiday. It is something I strive to remember daily: how Jesus gave His life for me, so that I might live... How I am undeserving and saved only by His Amazing Grace!!

Hope you have a beautiful day! Thanks for reading :)

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